DL buckle integrates perfectly high technology with ergonomics, style and strength: it has been developed to easily pass the most severe tests such as ADAC. Possibility to integrate parental alarm. NOVARACE srl - Patented.

Novarace is the only company in the world producing parental alarm system advising in case of accidental opening of the buckle by the child. System tested under:

  • 89/336/CEE directive (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)
  • EN 62115 standard for Electric Toys
Battery has not to be changed. Circuit has been developed to perform more than 70.000 complete cycles

Technical characteristics:

  • One of the lightest on the market: 97 gr.
  • Successfully tested and homologated by main EU test houses.
  • NOVARACE Patent
  • ECE-R 44 and USA - FMSVV213 standards compliant.
  • Anti-inertial release feature
  • High resistance monolithic steel frame
  • High resistance to temperature test
  • Very stable opening force, loaded and unloaded
  • Possibility to integrate a correct closure signal