Group 1 Buckle

The new Gr. 1 buckle complete the GT line of NOVARACE buckles. Synthesis of the technology and innovation that Novarace has expressed in the past few years.

  • Anti inertial release system
  • Lightweight high resistance steel mechanism (complete products only 94 grams)
  • Soft touch push button
  • Long life parental alarm (*) - Patented

(*) Novarace is the only company in the World producing parental alarm system advising in case of accidental opening of the buckle by the child.

System tested under:
- 89/336/CEE directive (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)
- EN 62115 standard for Electric Toys

Battery has not to be changed, circuit has been developed to perform more than 70.000 complete cycles

Special attention also to the environment :following WEEE regulation a pre-cut part has been created on the cover to being able to separate electronic device when throwing away.

And...revolutionary brand new feature coming very soon.